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The Zone Editor is used to change the look of your website. For example, you can use this tool to change the font color, the background color, the image in your header, the list goes on.  You can try different color combinations and instantly see how your will website will look before you save any of your changes.

Jan 29 2015
Using the Zone Editor
Anna Kraus

  1. You must be viewing the sandbox view before you can use the Zone Editor. To go to the sandbox view click on the green icon. The green icon will be replaced by a red icon indicating that you are viewing the site in the sandbox view.
  2. Turn on the Zone Editor by clicking on the icon  on the top right corner.
  3. You will notice that as you move your mouse over a zone it is highlighted showing you the editing zone. Click on the zone to edit its style.
  4. A window is displayed which is used to edit the style.  You will notice that when a style setting is changed the page is automatically updated with your change showing you how the page will look.  
  5. To exit the zone editor click on the  icon in the top right corner.

At any time you can edit another zone's style but make sure to save your changes for the currently selected zone before moving to another zone. To save your edits click on the save button.

Zone editing is a unique web editing environment that gives designers rapid access to core editing functions.  Although you can access more features inside the site builder rapid zone editing saves time.

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