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AdReflex® Core

The AdReflex® Core is central to our promise of an easy to use experience.  The Core enables a consistent group security policy and administration system that includes site level, group level, and user level administration.  It also delivers a centralized customer relationship management (CRM) system for managing outbound marketing campaigns.  All open innovation projects that we integrate are aligned with this core contact, security, and outbound mailing system.  

Core Features

Registration System 

  • Register users 
    • Set security preferences
      • by group
    • Multiple registration scenarios
    • Multiple login options
    • Multiple user security levels
    • Organize users into groups 
  • Multiple administrators
    • Multiple site admin security levels 
    • Site admin can control site changes
    • Each group gets a leader
    • Leaders can control group content
  • Groups can share stuff privately (without engines)
    • share with friends
    • share with groups
    • share contacts
    • share files
    • share wikis, blogs, and forums
    • share calendars
    • share forms
    • share surveys
    • share tests and exams
  • Groups can share more privately (with engines)
    • share galleries
    • share projects
    • share HR reporting
    • share discussion 
    • and more ...

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Single Sign-On

  • one registration across different web sites
  • enable a single integrated backend for multiple sites
User Profiles
  • user subscriptions
  • paid subscriptions
  • user accounts (e commerce)

Development Tools

  • Engines
  • Widgets
  • API 


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