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AdReflex® CMS  Platform

The AdReflex® CMS platform delivers a broad collection of work tools to increase team and organizational productivity.   The platform delivers results across 7 dimensions.   

LOWER INFORMATION MANAGEMENT COSTS by working in the cloud with integrated open source design from any browser, on any device, at any time. 

FOCUS CONVERSATIONS with group specific content.

CONVERT MORE with search engine optimization and responsive design. 

INCREASE SALES with e-commerce shopping carts, catalogues for physical and digital products, inventory management, customer history, and more. 

AUTOMATE WORK FLOW with forms, tests, surveys, games, personal profiles, content subscriptions, team spaces, and messaging. 

ENABLE COLLABORATION & TEAMWORK by sharing files, by sharing team and management responsibilities, or by sharing ideas in blogs, chat, forums, wikis, photo galleries, newsletters & more.  

IMPROVE LEARNING OUTCOMES with classrooms and self help portals.

The AdRelex Platform is mature and reliable. It is fast, secure and scalable. As a business solution it makes a true contribution to your bottom line by bringing large communities of open source developers onto your team and making your site into a true work place for customers, suppliers and staff.  


AdReflex® Technology Stack

Hardware Layer:

Our SaaS solution only uses well established data centers located in North America with world class infrastructure.  If you want to host the CMS elsewhere, just ask.  Provided they support our middle ware requirements we can probably make things work.   

Middle Ware Layer: 

We use a mix of Java, PhP scripting and Adobe's ColdFusion scripting.  

Middle ware required on the server:

  • ColdFusion or LUCEE a robust open source alternative to CF Server.
  • PhP

Database Layer: 

We use Oracle's MySQL open source platform because it is the world's leading open source database solution and scales nicely to support most medium sized applications. We can deliver other database needs on a custom basis. The MySQL choice delivers reliable and secure results with low cost of ownership.   Our open source commitment also ensures that you can take your data with you at anytime.  

Application Software Layer:  

This is our niche. AdReflex CMS includes the CMS Core, Site Builder, and Work Portal.   Together this platform delivers a suite of applications that can enable most organizational needs online.

Our integrated internet applications approach ensures a clean tight integration across the platform applications. Its reliable.  Its secure. Its fast.  Its scalable. This enterprise content management solution will make any web site into a true work place for your customers, suppliers and staff. 


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AdReflex® Communities


Please join the AdReflex Exchange where our designer or developer communities get to show off their stuff.  


AdReflex® User Experience

Everyone at AdReflex Corporation is committed to excellence in customer experience with a focus on integrating best in class open source projects. AdReflex CMS is designed so that our customers are at the centre of our design thinking.  The Core, Site Builder and Work Portal will all deliver a truly rich and easily customized end user experience to your own end users.  

AdReflex Corporation also makes their Open Source Commitment.  We commit to helping small and medium sized enterprise to access open source innovation. 










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