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AdReflex® CMS  Platform

The AdReflex® CMS Platform enables designers or developers to easily deploy complex website environments.  A broad collection of engines are available for easily adding many features to a website.  AdReflex CMS is designed to help teams to be better, faster and cheaper.  The framework addresses all five action models for web-based content.  It enables teams to manage promotional media tasks, lead generation tasks, social or community tasks, and self-help tasks.  It is a mature and reliable environment that is fast, secure and scalable.

As a business solution, AdReflex® CMS makes a true contribution to your bottom line by bringing communities of open source developers onto your information technology team.  Integration with best of breed open source projects is a fundamental aspect of our technology strategy.  We deliver the glue.  Integration of open source projects that cross different scripting languages can be complex.  AdReflex® CMS delivers a comprehensive enterprise content management system that does the integration work for you.  

It has never been easier to turn a website into a true workplace for customers, suppliers, and staff.

LOWER INFORMATION MANAGEMENT COSTS by working in the cloud from any browser, on any device, at any time. 

FOCUS CONVERSATIONS with group-specific content.

CONVERT MORE visitors to customers with built-in SEO and responsive design. 

INCREASE SALES by selling online or fundraising online. 

AUTOMATE WORK FLOW with forms, tests, surveys, games, personal profiles, content subscriptions, team spaces, and messaging. 

ENABLE TEAMWORK by sharing work responsibilities or by sharing ideas in files, blogs, chat channels, forums, wikis, photo galleries, newsletters & more. 

IMPROVE LEARNING OUTCOMES with group spaces, easy file sharing, surveys, tests, and self-help portals.



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