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AdReflex® Work Portal

The Work Portal delivers three different types work flow automation driven by e-learning engines, team collaboration engines, and e-commerce engines. Each engine is a solutions that is easily scalable without facing monthly per user pricing.  

You will benefit from our open innovation strategy.  AdReflex CMS integrates many open source projects which delivers innovation from thousands of contributors across all combined projects.

AdReflex Work Portal seeks to take the pain out of open source research, execution and integration challenges for small and medium sized enterprise (SME's).  

Team CMS:  This collection of plug and play engines will help you to manage your groups, contacts, social networks, shared files, wikis, forums, blogs, help desks, and more. 

Learning CMS:  This collection of plug and play engines will help you to manage training, survey and gaming systems based on a broad array of question types.    

e-Commerce CMS:  This collection of plug and play engines will help you to manage on-line sales to sell physical or digital products, or to collect donations.


NOTE: The work portal also includes the Site Builder and the Core CRM.  

Team CMS Highlights


e-Learning CMS Highlights

Business Process Management

  • Business Forms
  • eCommerce Transaction
  • Basic CRM (News Letter)
  • >>> Suite CRM 

Photo Gallery Engine

  • Organize and present your photos
  • Limit access to photos by group
  • Choose gallery styles

Blog Engine

  • Create as many blogs as you like
  • Set whether or not replies are allowed
  • Limit access to topics by group
  • User can set bookmarks

Forum Engine

  • Deploy a help desk or a discussion forum
  • Drive conversation with asynchronous conversation
  • Organize using up to 5 levels:
  • Unlimited categories, boards, topics, threads or messages
  • Make your content accessible by group.  
  • User can set bookmarks

Internal Search Engine

  • Search forum post.
  • Search inside attachments.
  • Search the entire site including posted documents. 

Meeting Room Engine

  • Chat with friends and colleagues
  • Manage meetings online
  • Make presentations online

Survey Tools 

  • Evaluate students, staff or clients
  • Random question assignments
  • Easy Reporting
  • Individual or group results

Evaluation Tools

  • Set an exam 
  • Build a quiz
  • Build a game

General Features

  • Create questions
  • Save collections of questions in banks
  • Create, edit and assign assignments 
  • Automate grading
  • Random question assignments
  • Easy Reporting
  • Individual or group results






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e-Commerce CMS Highlights



Catalog Engine

  • Product Catalog 
    • Many configurations
    • Two levels of categories
    • Searchable
    • Assign SKUs
    • Archive products
  • Shopping Cart Integration

Shopping Cart Engine

  • Donations
  • Group subscriptions
  • Physical product sales
  • Digital product sales
  • Service sales

e-Commerce Admin Module

  • Inventory
  • Tax Variable
  • SKU's
  • Discounts
  • Specials
  • Receipts
  • Returns
  • Bad Accounts
  • Credits

Accounting Integrations

  • Export to Accounting / Sync / 3rd Party Solution
  • Cart Spanner (osCommerce) 

Sales Manager Module

  • Send out Estimates  <<< create estimator (from news letter)
  • Receive Purchase Orders 
  • Send out Invoices  
    • Collect Deposits  << custom payment where amount is preset to amount owed for a deposit, a milestone, or final payments (close the transaction).
    • Collect Milestone Payments
    • Collect Final Payments
    • Collect overdue accounts (yellow) ... 30, 60 , 90 days (letter auto send each time) then flag red & manage bad accounts
  • Send / Store Receipts (Customer Profile)
  • Receive Digital or Physical Returns
    • Refund credit
  • Manage Outstanding Payments
    • Automate payments where possible
    • Broad team access to collect money.  (Anyone in the authorized group)
    • HR Team - to review project time sheets & approve before requesting payment. 
    • Finance team access clear transactions (separate those who buy stuff with credit limits / those who approve transactions before and after they were made / those who audit )
    • Admin access to everything

Billable Time Module

  • AdProject offers time tracking that is fully integrated with the sales manager engine

Bank & Credit Transaction 

  • Transaction processing for Visa, MasterCard, and more
  • Other transaction processing systems available on request


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