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We are based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  

Management Team

  • Anna Kraus: Partner, North Vancouver
  • Sean Irvine: Partner, North Vancouver

Legal Team

  • Karam Bayrakal, Faskens, Vancouver

Creative Team

  • Anna Kraus (Canada)
  • Sean Irvine (Canada)
  • Lawrence Cramer (USA)
  • Venkita Sabramony (India)
  • Sachin Sonone (India)
  • Nathalie Irvine (Canada)


  • Sagar Babber (India)
  • Karthikeyan Sethuramasamy (India)
  • Irfan Ahmed (India)
  • Sanood TV (India)
  • Ashok Gowda (India)
  • Purna Venkateswarlu Makham (India)
  • Mathew Horner (Canada)
  • Edward Sin (Canada)
  • Owen Powell (Canada)
  • Robert Campbell (USA)
  • Arlind Nushi (Albania)
  • Lianna Davis (Canada)

All the very best to everyone... where ever you are !










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